Available courses

Coronary bifurcation intervention

Bifurcation lesions represent around 20% of all coronary lesions you may face during coronary intervention.

This course will provide you with the basic knowledge to the most detailed description of the sophisticated techniques.

Radial access, advanced prespective

Advanced radial artery course to know about the anatomical radial artery variability and how to overcome such variability, how to manage complications and more about advanced radial interventions

Coronary chronic total occlusion interventions

Being one of the most complex topics in intervention cardiology, with this simple walkthrough steps - reading and seeing - together with a lot of cases you will get the idea behind such complex interventions.

Basics of coronary interventions

Whether you are a cardiology resident or an early intervention cardiologist in the beginning of your carrier, return to the basics will help you build upon the better experiance

Balloon mitral valvuloplasty

This is a sample course with contents and activities. You can take a look how ressources and activities are displayed in a course view. This sample course uses the "Buttons" course format.

Trans septal puncture

Trans septal puncture is the most important step in many intervention cardiology procedure, this course will provides you from the most basic concepts up to the most pro tips.